Lets get real ...
As consumers are rapidly consuming more services online, it is becoming much more likely that your website is going to be the first contact new customers will have with you. It doesn't really matter if you have the greatest product in the world with the best service and amazing prices, if your website is built as an afterthought and doesn't do your product or services any good then that will unfairly reflect upon you as a business.

What can it do?
A website can serve so many different functions for a business that the first question to ask is what are you trying to achieve? A website focused on driving sales calls is completely different to one driving e-Commerce and both are different to a blog based site. When we start looking at providing information online we need to make sure we are conveying the business message clearly and in the same way that happens on all the other mediums your business may already be using.

There is some good news
A website doesn't have to be all singing and dancing, with fancy animations. Its far more important that it reflects your business and provides information to the customer that they are looking for. Different businesses have vastly different requirements in this area and there is no one size fits all model.

..and some great news
You will be thinking that having a great website will cost me lots of money, needs a design, could take months. Nothing could be further from the truth. The explosion of tools available to consumers and developers alike allow for rapid build of high quality websites for a fraction of previous costs. All you need to do is get together a list of what you want to tell your prospective customers about.

How we do it
The first stage we will start with is a discussion about what is the driver for your business when creating the website. That will define the type of site and from their we can look at the business message, the types of user and the most efficient way to get to the required solution. Websites can be created and managed in various ways. You may want to update it often with new content yourself, a fully managed solution or a hybrid of the two. Building what works for you is what is important to us. If you only have a vague idea or are ready with a complete design, give us a call to discuss the best option. There is no obligation to take up our services and you will have a much clearer picture of the options available to you.

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