What, When, Which, Why and The Who?
Starting a business is a daunting and costly prospect. IT is often very overlooked at the start unless you are a Tech business and yet, having the right IT can make the difference between a winning strategy and a costly failure.

The What and The When
We offer customisable start-up packages aimed at new business ventures to cover every area of IT to ensure you are off to a running start with the lowest possible running costs. We want you to focus on your business and to do that we will ensure you have the right IT tools available to you. Only what you need when you need it and ready for future growth at whatever pace your business grows at.

The Which and The Why
You get to pick and choose what you need and we will give you a free overview of each service (with options where appropriate) so you can make informed choices on your requirements. Domains, Email, Websites, E-Commerce, VoiP, Office Software, Laptops, Broadband, WiFi and many more we have it all covered so you can focus on your core business.

The Who
Smiley IT : it’s like having a full IT team available to you from the start. Even if you have already started the business we can still help by making sure you are not paying for items you don’t need or could be getting cheaper.

Important Information about our services
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