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Social media is in such common use today that it provides businesses new opportunities to engage with customers in a traditional manner using modern technology. Imagine having customers seeing your new posts inside their feeds on a daily basis. Even better having customers provide free referrals for you by re-posting your posts! Its all possible right now to all businesses. It just needs setting up the right way and with a little training and a small investment you can start reaching customers that might not even know about you or as we have found multiple times didn’t even know a local business existed.

Big v Small
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have dominated the social scene for consumers, Linked-In has done the same for B2B. We can help you build audiences on all the social platforms and teach you how to effectively post and use each to capture new leads for your business organically, enabling your business to grow with a far larger audience than possible using other media streams. There is a budget to suit every pocket.

The How
Social Media can be started in minutes and used by anyone. There are opportunites to advertise at a fraction of printed advertising and laser focused to your target audience. You control the budget and can switch it on and off at any time to suit your cash position.

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