IT Projects

The Brief
IT projects can be a huge bottom line cost. Ensuring the deployed solution is fit for purpose requires detailed management at all stages of the project. This starts with the initial requirements document created internally which will involve the stakeholders and users detailing the requirements of the deployed solution. From there to the RFP, bid process, contract agreements, project plan, sprints, walkthroughs, dev test, UAT, refinement, validation and signoff the techniques employed to manage the entire process are critical to ensure a smooth project delivered on time and within budget.

The Options
How much support do you need? We can provide as little or as much according to budget. We can do all or any of the following:

  • Investigation of current systems, business capability requirements, and creation of an IT solution strategy document for review and approval.
  • Implementation, deployment plans and execution including testing and training.
  • RFP creation for vendor matching / contracts, an area often underused and yet vitally important.
  • Review and assessment of IT team skill capabilities to ensure you have the right people in place working well to optimise your IT spend.

The Solution
We can help you throughout any part of the project and have done for many clients already, assisting from the start or sometimes coming in to bring a project back on track. We can also offer project management support if you already have an internal team that needs guidance through the process.

Important Information about our services
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