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7pm Friday
The CEO has just left you a message "Monday 10am, C-Suite Board meeting, Explain why our in house CRM system isn't talking to the Accounts system". You knew it was coming, you know the two teams involved both think they know best and you know the buck stops with you.

3am Saturday
You know the developer has read all of the 20 messages you have sent and still hasn't replied, but its past 5pm on a Friday so who cares? Sleep, must sleep....

8am Saturday
Startled awake, you call the developer and they tell you they will bring it up in the team meeting on Tuesday! This is no help..

The Reality
We've all been there in IT. Someone higher up wants something and it needs to happen now. But why do we get to that situation in the first place. It is in large part completely avoidable by making sure your IT strategy is in place and identifiable to the C-Suite members. IT strategy looks at all of your IT services, infrastructure and staff and looks at the interactions between them, duplication of processes, costs and return on investment, validity, performance, stability and much more. Once you know the answers to all of that and critically what the business needs, immediately and in the future, only then can you formulate the plan which will mean never being asked those sorts of questions again.

The Solution
We can come in at any stage and assist in house teams or completely run an IT Strategy Plan, build and deployment for your business. Our two decades of experience doing this for businesses across the globe will be at your disposal. And if you are in the situation above, we've seen that before as well and got that client to the meeting prepared and on time.

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