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From initial planning all the way through to finalising the budgets, events consume a huge amount of information and administration time.

Even in the 2020’s many events continue to be managed with hundreds of spreadsheets, word documents and various systems. But now you can leverage technology across the entire department, back office and front of house to revolutionise operating events, bringing with it time efficiencies and cost savings that will transform how you operate.

Two decades of working with Corporate Events and Promotions teams has highlighted the nature of how events work has to be done. You may be called a planner or coordinator but sometimes it will feel like everyone is trying their very best to break every plan you make. Don't worry, we know and we've got your back. Plans change and having an agile methodology ensures we can change the solution too.

Here are a few brief examples of some of the systems we have implemented for events and promotions teams.

Corporate Event websites
From one-offs to multi site events we have seen a lot. We haven't seen it all because each conference or event is unique and 20 years of working with various teams has taught us that. We will listen to your full requirements and from there build a plan for the right solution. Be it a small event happening soon, or a large multiday conference with thousands of attendees.

Competition sites
Competition sites need to be quick, responsive and seamlessly continue the customer journey from your main site. Ensuring that happens is a key part of the process. Many teams we have met have been frustrated at slow build times, high costs and lack of custom options from internal teams. Let us resolve all those issues by building a working solution together that will allow a fast build at low cost and customised for each occurence.

Promotions Schemes
Creating a promotion scheme using internal IT resources is usually the correct way to do it. But this isn't always possible due to a lack of relevant skills in the internal teams, or an infrastructure issue that stops you dead in your tracks. We have built several long running promotions / rewards sites for some of our biggest customers that have replicated their brand identity flawlessly and enabled greater flexibility for those teams. Let us help you get the message out there your brand wants to achieve with promotions that work.

Corporate Access Meetings Systems
One on Ones or Corporate Access meetings are becoming the go to point for companies to provide exclusive access for their customers to top tier management. Efficiently scheduling both the Corporates time and the Investors time is key to making this work. Both parties have preferences, as well as the company for how the meetings should be scheduled. Managing all of this to ensure everyone gets the most efficient use of their time is a painstaking task. We have the tools to help you with our in house developed One on One system. Schedule meetings, notify all participants, and even make thousands of changes and additions on site in seconds. We have a vast amount of experience in this area and have managed one particular event with 6000 meetings in a 5 day period without a single hitch, run by just two members of staff.

Onsite delegate management systems
Events deal with hundreds of pieces of information per attendee. Organising that information in a spreadsheet will quickly become unwieldy as the number of attendees increases. Having a bespoke in-house system allows you to track attendees, meetings, manage communications, generate reports and much more. We can design and build a custom system bespoke to your exact requirements.

CRM Integration systems
At all stages leading up to, during and after an event you may have the need to tie in to an existing in house CRM solution. We have managed this process for several clients, helping integrate existing systems and custom build solutions with our knowledge of how duplication exists and how to marth them with new and existing records.

Attendee analysis
If you have held hundreds or thousands of conferences with attendees being invited across multiple events do you know what your ROI is for hosting those events. Most companies cannot quantify this and only look at it from a singular event. This is a poor version of the analysis required as events can cover vastly different budgets and head count. Analysing attendance across all the events for all spends allows for seeing where effective spend is happening versus return from sales. Of course bringing all of this information together is a whole new problem. Smiley IT have helped several clients do this by implementing new standards or bringing together large volumes of historic data to allow this analysis to happen in real time.

Budget systems
Every event will have a budget, ranging from small to significant spend. Typically budgets will be created in excel spreadsheets with each person involved putting their own spin on the process. Of course this then means at the approval stage it becomes a far more complicated process for the approvers to compare budgets. Building a consistent template for event budgets allows you to analyse across events and compare spend to identify where savings can be made in areas that would normally be overlooked. We have helped many clients establish a consistent budgetting template that can integrate with other systems and allow for global reporting.

Bespoke onsite Technology
Over the years we have deployed many leading edge custom Technology solutions for events teams worldwide. These have ranged from eliminating all printed materials via mobile device push, tracking solutions, conference apps, electronic badges, information booths and many more. So much technology is available to use onsite at events to take your event to the next level, provide a flawless customer journey and make your corporate message stand out from the crowd. If you have even an inkling of something you want to do at an event then give us a call to discuss the possibilites.

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