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Selling online has become a huge business. If designed well its like having a shop open 24/7 manned by a sales teams that is generating new business for you at a fraction of the cost of generating the same sales. Selling online can give you location independence. You have the choice of where to locate your business in order to benefit from the lowest overheads. E-commerce allows you to expand your customer reach far beyond your local area, and can even take you global.

The New Normal
As a nation we are buying more items online than ever before. Here are a few facts about how people are buying online:

  • Over 75% of customers searching for a product on google are looking to make a purchase online and that percentage is constantly growing.
  • The UK has the highest per capita spend on e-Commerce in the world.
  • It's a mobile first world. The vast majority of online purchase are being transacted on mobile devices
  • E-commerce sales are growing by more than 19 percent a year
  • Over 70 percent of shoppers believe they can find a better deal when they shop online rather than going to a store

The New Solution
In its early days e-Commerce was costly, expensive and fell far behind the market leaders. In recent years that has all changed allowing smaller businesses a much lower entry point into selling online. No longer do you need to wait months, spending huge amounts of money building a web store. Some can be setup within a week to start generating revenue immediately and giving a ROI within the first month! Getting the right solution is key, and every business will have different requirements.

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