Data Services

Data Migrations
Moving from one system to another can be a daunting prospect unless you’re with Smiley IT. We make sure the data can go across while avoiding a minefield of potential issues. Take advantage of our world class data experts making sure your data is clean, correct and ready to migrate.

Data Analysis
As everyone generates more data and far more data is collected we generally have more data than we know what to do with. Finding trends in data is key to analysis. We can help you with any system by providing methodologies that allow you to see the overall picture in a sea of data.

Data Validation
Many major systems don't perform proper validation of data at source. This is poor development practice that can result in large swathes of data being unusable. Many a time a developer will throw a text field in when a number field or date field should have been used, because at the time its just easier. It always results in an issue further down the line when validation has to be performed and you find out that the next developer sees a text field and allows anything to go in.
Get a validation on any size dataset based on any rules you can come up with. Along with suggested fixes.

How It's Done
That is entirely up to you. We can perform most of the services onsite, if required due to security / confidentiality, or on our secure offline data servers.

Important Information about our services
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