CIO as a Service

The Problem
Technology is always changing and the issue most compaies face is having someone who can understand and translate the business requirements into the technology solutions. IT managers are heavily focused on the technology side but typically lack the business strategy, big-picture thinking and the need to be flexible but also question the board requirements where applicable. A good CIO will have that business minded experience, how to achieve sales drivers from technology, an ever keen look at achieving ROI, knowledge of analytics, organizational design, infrastructure and how it should all work together.

The Other Problem
Having a CIO is a cost that growing small businesses usually don't realise they need until they get to the point that IT is actually holding them back and is being used as a required tool, rather than driving business needs with efficiency and increasing returns. Justifying the cost of bringing on a new full time C-Suite board member as a growing company is hard to do as you focus on driving revenue.

The Temporary Problem
If as a company you already had that role filled and for whatever reason it's now become vacant, the gap inbetween until you fill the role again can become a strain on both the C-Suite and the IT managers as the translation between the two is not easily done by either party.

The Solution
Smiley IT offer the new CIO as a Service role to fulfil these and other business needs. For any size of business from growing start up looking for direction, to expanding SMB overwhelmed with process issues, to large multinationalal corporate undergoing a reshuffle.

Take advantage of having a CIO on board with your team when you need them for as long as you need them, without the commitment to the role.
CaaS is available as pay as you go, on demand service, consultancy style placements, or longer term placements. Call us now for a no obligation chat about your specific needs so we can work through the best solution for you.

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