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Hire the person and not the skills
LinkedIn article posted on 22nd July 2020

Do you remember the CD-ROM? Overnight it changed everything. Here was a new storage device that could be mass produced cheaply, was durable (enough) and far exceeded the capacity of previous devices. Over the next few years in the early 90’s we saw computer magazines being littered with free CD’s on the front cover packed full of software, demo CD’s and then finally games for consoles took over this new media. It was a digital revolution (and a welcome one, Windows 95 came on 21 floppy disks and windows 98 on 38!).....
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The IT Hinderance Desk
LinkedIn article posted on 13th July 2020

Nobody likes it when IT goes wrong. It’s far worse when you ring up the helpdesk only to be confronted with someone running through a script in front of them, without actually listening to what your specific problem is. It will feel like no analysis is going on, being told “Have you switched it off and switched it on?” feels like another 5 minutes of your life you are not getting back......
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The Young Startup
LinkedIn article posted on 8th July 2020

Starting off a new business of any kind is always a daunting prospect. If you are fresh out of university or college and low on funds or have a penny pinching budget but have big ideas then it can seem even more of an uphill struggle. Unless your solution involves technology all those fancy IT services are just more cash flow ebbing away from the business, right?......
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Do you hate new IT solutions?
LinkedIn article posted on 1st July 2020

Have you heard of early adopters? Those annoying techy type people, usually of an age demographic who have grown up with some kind of device as part of their norm. Those slightly older who have lingered in Facebook and took a couple of years to leap to Instagram probably know what I’m talking about......
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