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Founded by John Hawkins in 2003 and based on extensive experience working in the IT industry and delivering global IT solutions, both internal and external at Credit Suisse, for marketing, project delivery, budget approvals, CRM, event registration, securely and accurately. The bespoke systems developed at CS streamlined efficiency and capability while winning us awards for our innovative use of technology at conferences.

As a consultant and CIO John’s skill lies in being an agile technology interpreter, listening to end users and investigating forensically what is needed, known or unknown, that will be implemented and offer simplified IT delivery beyond expectation and with strong ROI.

Since the inception of Smiley IT, solutions have been created effectively for numerous clients including: Barclays, John Lewis, Fremantle Media, L'Oréal, Dresdner, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan to name but a few.


John took the time to understand the business and then delivered IT solutions that shot our business capability at warp speed into the future. He made us look good, made us best in class, and reduced our administrative workload significantly.

Martin Turner – Global Head of Events Credit Suisse

Having a Senior Project Manager available on call to help our internal team through the various stages was invaluable.

Barclays Capital

Without the due care to our RFP process that John provided we would have rolled out the wrong solution at a huge cost to our company. His diligence and attention to detail meant we didn’t miss several key requirements.

Project Manager - Barclays Capital

We had gone through several supplier that couldn’t get this right before finding Smiley I.T. They changed the way we now operate in the data centers.

Leading UK Retailer

Having Smiley I.T. on board was like an extension of our in-house team, bringing far more than just superb IT to the table.

Leading UK Retailer

Over 5000 client meetings held in 5 days with a fraction of the previous workload. Flawless!

UK Investment Bank

We managed to cut our staff hours by 40% within weeks of deploying the system.

UK Investment Bank

Huge thanks John, we didn't actually think it was possible to aggregate all this segregated data into one source. It has had an incredible impact already.

UK Investment Bank

We have the unique benefit of having a software developer who has worked extensively in and at events for the last 20 years.
Our clients include 5 international investment banks, a leading hotel agent, a major UK retail client amongst many others.
Over 50M GBP project spend managed over the past 10 years.
A small company doesn't mean we can't handle the big stuff.
For one particular event we processed 85000 registrations in a 24 hour period
Our delegate management systems have helped planners handle over 75 million attendees since we started
Businesses and processes constantly adapt. Thats why we always listen first because everyone is unique
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