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  Examples - One on One Meeting Management Systems  

One On One Database Systems

Managing meetings at conferences can be one of the most time consuming tasks.

On top of this managing the requests from Attendees and the Availability of Speakers means that quite often a member of the team is dedicated to the task of managing the meetings part of the conference

Typically this task is carried out using a variety of loosely connected spreadsheets and emails

It was easy for us to identify the needs of managing meetings at conferences. Building a system was not a task taken lightly. By attending several conferences on site and being involved in the entire One on One processes our developers were able to build the system the users needed.

Typically companies that utilise our system, first of all see a large increase in professionalism on site. Managing the meetings onsite is made far easier by all the information being available to you in seconds. This is followed closely by large time savings onsite. Finally very large time savings are made in the office before the conference.

Here's just some of the key points that our One on One template manages. There is much more and it would be best seen by viewing a demonstration.

  • Tie in the One on One attendance with your main event registration data
  • Manage any type of meeting (One on One, One on Two, One on Many, Small Groups, Workshop, Breakouts)
  • Clashes in time are flagged for you to see before assigning requests
  • When a slot meets its total allowable attendees its no longer available to assign
  • Only the rooms available at that time can be booked
  • Speaking companies can run any number of slots concurrently
  • Slots do not have to start and finish at the same time
  • Send out confirmations for each company just by pressing a button
  • Reports to help you see available slots and unassigned requests
  • Run the system on site with a standalone laptop or on networked machines

On top of this we can fully customize the system to your EXACT requirements. Ensuring every nuance of your style of meeting management is handled by the system

If you want to see a demonstration of our system then please use our contact page.