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  Examples - Management Systems  

Management Systems

Management Systems are now in such widespread use that trying to get by without them is like trying to drive a car without wheels. The applications are endless and the benefits vast. If it's customer management, warehouse stock, event management or even combinations, a total database solution will always improve clarity across the entire company and allow reporting tasks, day to day management and accounting to be seamlessly integrated into one solution.

Important points - (bear these in mind no matter who builds your system)

  • Integrate as many of your existing procedures as possible.
  • Always look to reduce and preferably eliminate manual tasks.
  • You should always be able to integrate your current data if you have any.
  • Anything is possible (it's just a matter of how long it would take to build and implement and whether it's within your budget).
  • Set a budget and timeframe and make sure your developer stays within the limits or notifies you as soon as they are aware they may exceed your limits.
  • Always compare costs of the system against likely time savings. If the system is going to save you a considerable amount of time it may be worth that spending a little extra on it.

Every company is different and requirements differ greatly. For this reason we don't sell off the shelf systems. Instead, by gaining a thorough understanding of your precise needs and existing practices, we can build a bespoke solution that exactly fits your needs now and in the future.


Here are some examples of systems we have developed in the past.

  • Event Management Systems - Manage all your clients, event details, invoicing, quotes and much more in one system.
  • Accounting Systems - Building and sending out invoices in conjunction with real time stock control
  • Production Line - Tracking of items built on a production line. Being able to forecast completion dates and find weak points in the production process.
  • Equipment Management - Booking and managing large inventories of equipment with check in and check out facilities.
  • Client Management Systems - Databases of contacts grouped within categories. Specialised mail shots. Meeting management.

We have built many others, some of which have incorporated elements from all of the above.


If you want a no obligation chat about your requirements or want to book a meeting then please use our contact page.