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  Examples - Event Databases  

Event Databases

With several years of experience in the Corporate Events industry, Smiley I.T. is uniquely positioned to provide event database solutions for every need.

Managing mid-size or larger events is always difficult and event database solutions can make this one less headache in the run up to your event.

Just some of the implementations we have built in the past include :-

  • On line registration integration - No data entry required. Web registrations import seamlessly into your database at the push of a button.
  • Specific Event Tracking - Every event is different and tracking the event-specific requirements like dinner attendance for example is vital for a properly managed event.
  • Travel Itineraries - Track any type of arrival or departure and use the customised reports for transport teams to ensure no one gets left at the airport.
  • Hotel Booking - Manage Room blocks for several hotels with different room sizes and night counts ensuring you are always making the most efficient use of your allocation.
  • Table Plans - Ever tried to seat 500 people at assigned tables. Wouldn't it be great if they could each receive a customised card giving them a map of where their table is. We have achieved this at several conferences with outstanding success.
  • Meeting Management - Take meeting requests online. Automatically import them into your database and then schedule meetings allowing you to print out individual meeting schedules for each attendee.  At one conference we managed over 2500 individual meetings in the course of 3 days. You can even display meeting availability at the conference for attendees to sign up.
  • Badges and Barcodes - Make the registration process on-site as fast as possible and allow for event staff to be able to register attendees with minimal training.
  • Confirmations and Mail shots - Send out electronic confirmations and requests for updates in minutes instead of hours. Each confirmation can contain the attendees personal registration information.

We don't offer an off the shelf system as each company and each event's requirements are vastly different. Instead we've built modules with the base functionality and then through a consultation process, we can build a system which matches your needs perfectly.

Whether it is a one off database for a single event, or an entire system that manages all your events,  contact us for details.