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  Examples - Bespoke Software  

Bespoke Software

Sometimes you need an application to do a very specific task. You can spend a long time looking for software that nearly fits your needs.
If you get lucky you may find a particular piece of software that does exactly what you need.
Most of the time however, we are not that lucky.

This is where bespoke software comes in. Get a development house to build exactly what you require from scratch.

A common misconception of bespoke software is the cost is prohibitive.
Whilst it does cost more than off the shelf packages you have to balance that against getting a package that does EXACTLY what you need.

The best starting point before even deciding if you want to go down the bespoke route is to undertake an analysis of the time currently spent performing the task and how much time you hope to save with your software package.
A simple bit of maths to work out how much time you will save in a given period and how much your time costs you (or how much it costs you to employ someone to carry out that task). You will then have a good estimate for the cost savings you want to achieve in a year.

You should be looking at starting to achieve a return on investment within at most 12 months. We have had customers reporting a ROI within 2 months.

If you want a no obligation chat about your requirements or want to book a meeting then please use our contact page.